Bianca Denise

Hey the name's Bianca Denise (aka Bee) I am a blogger and aspiring youtuber/vlogger. I am into Horror movies, vintage things, pastel things, girly things, lover of beauty and fashion. I am such a hipster (not gonna lie) when it comes to trends but I am quite nerdy too.
Way too many fandoms to list. Favourite is Phan and doctor Who.

This was much needed ☕️
Casually ran into Spider Man. Small world.😁
☕️ Too much coffee. This selfie happened #selfie (via @shots)
I’m in the mood for friendship in a coffee shop ☕️
Up 💕| “Adventure is out there”
We’re all about smiles & pretending not to give a bullshit, but actually do.
Queen 👑
#LanaDelRay #queen #Hope #love #romantic #indie #whatever
He gives me breathing problems. I need CPR ASAP. 😍
Asian Pose ✌️ Laundry at the back 😂 #selfie (via @shots)
The selfie game is strong.